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The Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

The Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter is a state-owned, multipurpose 1,100+ acre rental complex open year-round. It is specially designed for meetings, conferences, livestock and horse shows, fairs, concerts, rodeos, RV rallies, trade shows, and sporting events . . . a center for diverse activities located in Perry.

The grounds and buildings are dedicated to Georgia’s youth to show, learn, and compete; to those in agriculture and agribusiness to exhibit, show, and sell; to the state-sponsored Georgia National Fair; and to diverse events and activities which are entertaining, cultural, and educational in nature.

Phone: (478) 987-3247



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Reeves Arena


Reeves Arena is the premiere venue in Middle Georgia for Horse Shows.


- Climate-controlled atmosphere
- Concrete floor; utilize dirt
- 4 concession stands (2 on each concourse)
- Ceiling height 63′
- Dressing rooms
- Portable stage available
- 4 Super Trouper Spotlights
- Two 12′ x 24′ and One 24′x14′ roll-up doors for easy loading  & unloading
- 250′ x 125′ show-ring
- Paging system between Reaves Arena and all other arenas and barns
- Covered walkways to Covered Horse Arena and Barn #1
- Rest rooms

- 92,400 square feet
- 8,250 seats (4,444 permanent; 558 box; 3,248 folding)
- 2,000 banquet seats
- Trade show booths
- 40 vendor booths (8′x10′) in concourse and lobby


Horse Barn #1


Horse Barn #1 is one of two permanent horse housing facilities at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter. This recently renovated barn houses 480 horses in 10′x10′ box stalls with concrete floors. Horse Barn #1 is connected by covered walkway to the Covered Horse Arena and Reaves Arena.


- Stalls of hot-dipped, galvanized metal and #1 Georgia pine
- 4 indoor wash racks with 6 spaces each
- 2 outdoor wash racks with 22 spaces each
- Rest rooms with showers and hot water
- Adjacent to RV park
- Covered farrier station
- Electrical outlets with each stall
- Easy access to water in barn
- Office for show officials and judges
- Large ceiling fans for improved air circulation
- Adjacent open exercise ring

- 97,750 square feet
- 480 stalls (10′x10′)

Covered Horse Arena


Connected by covered walkway to Reaves Arena and Horse Barn #1, the Covered Horse Arena is a stand-alone show-ring or can be utilized as a warm up arena for events held in Reaves Arena.  The brick, two-story announcer’s stand is equipped with air conditioning and sound system. On both sides of the arena, there are covered bleachers for patron seating.  Large fans in the arena help with air circulation during the summer months.

- Dirt 250′x125′ arena
- Rest rooms
- Climate-controlled announcer stand
- Paging system
- Adjacent restaurant
- Wireless internet
- LED display board

- 49,450 square feet
- 1,000 capacity bleacher seating

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